Willowglade Technologies launches My Breast Cancer Journey app

My Breast Cancer Journey app

Health startup Willowglade Technologies launches its “My Breast Cancer Journey” app for iOS and Android, the first in a series of planned apps designed to provide information and support for cancer patients.

The tool aims to help those battling breast cancer keep track of their medical tests, submit information to clinical trials, access medical literature customized to their conditions and securely share progress with friends and family.

Founder John Papandrea, a health technology veteran with previous positions at SAP, Deloitte and Ernst & Young, said he hopes to stand out by providing information and guidance tailored to users’ precise diagnoses, disease stages and responses to treatments.

The app is free to download, but will be ad-supported. Users can also opt in to allow the company to share information with researchers looking for clinical trial participants.

Beyond free software, Willowglade is developing a subscription-based, white-label version of the product that cancer centers can provide to their own patients.

[Via: recode]