Alcohoot is a smartphone-connected, police-grade breathalyzer


Alcohoot is a smartphone-connected breathalyzer that promises to bring police grade, fuel cell sensor technology to consumers. Working with an accompanying mobile app, the lightweight device plugs into the headphone jack and is instantly ready to use. Said application records Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) measurements every time it is used without any need for sign-in or Bluetooth connection.

One of the features users can expect with Alcohoot is Smartline, which is a user defined personal “perfect BAC” that tells them when they’ve reached the previously set BAC level. Another feature, Morning Quiz (in beta), pops up each morning after using Alcohoot to ask users to rank their experience and how they feel the morning after.

Ongoing analytics and what Alcohoot says are sophisticated algorithms provide actionable steps to users based on their drinking trends. These analytics also refine the user’s Smartline over time, providing advanced support for smart drinkers.

“Alcohoot engages smart drinkers who aspire to discover their personal limits,” said Christopher Ayala, Alcohoot CEO, “and to use that insight to empower better decision making and remain in control whenever and wherever they are enjoying a drink. Smart drinkers are looking to extend the experience in a way that will let them start the next day refreshed and with great memories.”

Alcohoot passed accuracy testing with a National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) accredited lab, and has also met NHTSA standards for police alcohol screener devices. The device is registered with the FDA and follows all of the agency’s quality standards.