BeBop Sensors unveils wearable smart fabric technology

BeBop Sensors unveils wearable smart fabric technology

Berkeley, California-based BeBop Sensor unveiled its first product, BeBop Wearable Smart Fabric Sensor, which can measure all aspects of physicality, including bend, location, motion, rotation, angle and torque.

The company, which was created by musical instrument inventor Keith McMillen and KMI, developed its own Monolithic Fabric Sensor Technology, enabling continuous, real-time reporting and the ability to send the data to a connected mobile device. Moreover, unlike other wearable sensors on the market that only measure physiology (EKG, EMG), electrical conductivity or breathing – BeBop takes into account actual physicality to sense and display 3D maps of data.

BeBop is looking to bring its technology to different markets, healthcare being one of them.BeBop is looking to bring its technology to a number of different markets such as clothing and protective wear, healthcare devices, athletic equipment, automotive, robotics, aerospace, gaming, biometrics, prosthetics, recycling and appliances.

We at mHealth Spot would, obviously, want to learn a thing or two about BeBop’s healthcare applications but at the time of this article, no specific information has been revealed. The company did release an image of a smartphone-connected wearable sensor, which as far as we (don’t) know may be released at some point in the future; or not. In addition, their press release talks about the ability to predict diabetic events and measure gait through insoles.

BeBop is offering custom turnkey sensor solutions for OEMs to incorporate into their products, ranging from basic sensors to complete wireless solutions with advanced power management. The company is also providing an SDK to allow manufacturers to create custom apps that sing along BeBop sensors. That being said, chances are this isn’t the last time we’re talking about BeBap. Stay tuned.