Glassy One Pro smart watch is made for surfers

Glassy One Pro smart watch is made for surfers

Certain user groups want special wearables that are fine tuned for their activities. Golfers have their own gear, and now surfers are getting a smart watch made especially for their unique needs.

The Glassy One Pro, as far as we know, is the first modern device made specifically with surfers in mind. It is, obviously, water-proof, while offering some sport-specific data no other wearable can catch. These would be include the number of waves hit, the top speed achieved, and the time spent riding individual waves. Moreover, there are weather conditions of the surf session to help surfers decide whether any given day is made for their sport of choice.

Coming in three colors — black, green and blue — the device and the accompanying app includes a database of almost 6,000 surf locations around the world, with the ability to add and edit the location details to keep the community up to date. Social sharing is there, as well.

The wearable, in case you wonder, is a product of the Spanish company behind the popular Glassy Pro app, which has just had a major iOS and Android update.

Detailed specs are still not available, though. You can pre-order your Glassy One Pro unit for £189 (about $302), but it’s not set to ship until summer 2015.