VR to detect concussions in rugby players

VR tech used to detect concussions set to be tested with rugby players

World Rugby, New Zealand Rugby (NZR) and Rugby Australia (RA) have partnered with NeuroFlex to adopt an in-match trial of the technology.

StrikeTec is a wearable sensor for boxing & MMA

StirkeTec is a fun, addictive way to find out: who has the fastest or most powerful hands in the gym, on the block, in your family or amongst friends
Samsung Australia headband

Samsung unveils connected headband prototype to monitor risk for concussions

Called brainBand, the device packs a an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a Bluetooth module, LEDs, and a battery to measure the force of impacts.

New ResearchKit app launches to support football player health

The application called TeamStudy is part of the Football Players Health Study at Harvard University to help former NFL players better understand their health.

This vest will keep cyclists safe, smarter

Called RoadwareZ, the device features LED turn and brake signals, GPS tracking, access to a 24/7 emergency service, and a rear-facing camera and microphone.
X Patch Pro

X2 Biosystems unveils its next-gen wearable head impact monitor

Set to replace the original X-Patch, the new model is smaller and lighter, but also more technologically advanced with improved usability and performance.

Swimbot is made to correct your swim technique

The device acts like a personal coach, analyzing the swimmer's movements using nine built-in sensors and making sounds to prompt users to correct movements.

This could be the best activity tracker for swimmers, ever

Called Swimmerix, the package consists of a wrist-worn band and a stationary base unit which together offer accurate measurement and real-time guidance.
Hydrate Mate

This device adds brains to your hydration pack

Hydrate Mate is the world's first electronic fuel gauge and app for hydration bladders, enabling monitoring and maintaining of hydration levels on the move.
New Balance Digital Sport

New Balance to launch Android Wear smartwatch later this year

The footwear and fitness apparel company is also launching the Digital Sport division to develop innovative digital experiences and wearable technologies.