Swimbot is made to correct your swim technique


Joining the hi-tech swimming gear market is Swimbot, a new device designed to help users improve their swimming technique by correcting movements in real time. Currently raising funds (and awareness) at Indiegogo, the product is backed by a few Olympic champions such as Rowdy Gaines (USA) and Alain Bernard (France). Heck, it has even been tested by the French national swimming team.

Headed by former competitive swimmer and IT engineer David Jamet, Swimbot is designed by the same-named French start-up. It weighs just 60 grams, and can be used to train and perfect technique at all levels, from beginners to elite competitors.

Swimbot is backed by a few Olympic champions such as Rowdy Gaines (USA) and Alain Bernard (France).Also, before hitting the pool, swimmers (who are not professionals) can watch 3D tutorials and familiarize themselves with ideal stroke patterns and swimming techniques. It is also a good idea to get used to the sounds the system uses to give real-time feedback. Then, simply slip the device into the back of a swim cap and position the in-ear headphones before taking the plunge.

Once you start swimming, Swimbot acts like a personal coach, analyzing the swimmer’s movements using nine built-in sensors and making sounds to prompt users to correct movements when needed. For instance, when an unnecessary vertical movement that slows down the stroke is detected, a sound will let the swimmer know to change their position. The tool also teaches better breathing technique, which can help swimmers gain speed, especially with front crawl.

Then after a workout, Swimbot can sync to a smartphone via Bluetooth to allow users to review performance stats and track progress.

The device is currently available starting from $249, and as part of the deal users get access to tutorials and tips from the Swimbot champions. Check it out.