HealthLoop’s doctor-patient platform gets a HealthKit integrated iOS app

HealthLoop's doctor-patient platform gets a HealthKit integrated iOS app

HealthLoop is extending the reach of its doctor-patient platform with a new mobile app, which integrates with HealthKit in iOS 8 and allows people to share medical device and activity data with their doctors.

By using the HealthLoop app, patients can engage in an interactive digital dialog that tracks clinical progress, sets expectations, encourages self-care activities, answers common questions, and monitors clinical areas of concern. On the other hand, doctors can guide and support patients through every step of their healthcare journey, keeping the entire medical team informed along the way.

“By coupling biometric data with virtual check-ins, we have an unprecedented opportunity to understand the ‘arc of recovery’ and discover which pathways lead to the best outcomes,” says Todd Johnson, CEO of HealthLoop.

The HealthLoop app is available for free from the AppStore on iPhone. Activation is by prescription only from doctors and healthcare organizations utilizing the HealthLoop platform.