Omicia’s Opal Clinical platform helps researchers interpret DNA data

Omicia is helping researchers and clinicians understand, interpret and report on DNA sequencing data.

With the cost of next-generation genome sequencing rapidly decreasing, it’s hard job to interpret the results that is preventing genomics from helping doctors care for patients in the clinic.

Omicia is trying to tackle this issue with its new Opal Clinical platform, which is sold as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Opal allows hospitals and diagnostic labs to launch genetic studies faster and interpret results more accurately and quickly, the company says.

“We introduce Opal Clinical as genomics expands beyond the research lab into the clinic,” Omicia CEO Mike Aicher said in a statement. “Opal Clinical meets today’s stringent requirements for clinical bioinformatics solutions – accuracy, scalability, quick turnaround, and repeatability.”

Omicia doesn’t sequence the genome itself; it provides the mathematical algorithms needed to find mutations and connect them with known diseases. This information can, for instance, help diagnose cancer to help with treatment plans. “Every step leads us closer to personalized medicine,” Aicher says.

The Opal Clinical platform is available immediately.

[Via: VentureBeat]