Apple to stop selling Fitbit devices in its stores


The other day we’ve told you that Fitbit isn’t eager to integrate with Apple’s HealthKit. The Cupertino-based giant is now reacting, saying that it will soon stop selling Fitbit devices in its stores. That’s what happens when you don’t play nice with Apple.

Of course, we don’t expect to hear anything of that sort coming from Cupertino. They’ll be saying other things, but this could easily be the single most important reason to kick Fitbit out of its stores.

Other mHealth device and app makers — including Strava, Withings, iHealth and Jawbone and MyFitnessPal — have all updated their apps to give users the option to send their data to the HealthKit platform. However, with almost 70% share, Fitbit is the biggest company in the fitness band market, and may not be as willing to share data with Apple, despite many of its users asking for that.

Another reason why Apple may’ve decided to do this is to leave space for its upcoming Apple Watch. If this is true, we may also see Jawbone and Nike activity trackers “leaving” the Apple Store shelves. Here, it’s worth adding that Tim Cook sits at Nike’s board of directors, and has often been seen wearing Nike’s wristband. So for the time being, Nike may get a pass…

[Via: recode]