Will.i.am unveils Puls, a smart watch with built-in 3G radio

Will.i.am unveils Puls, a smart watch with built-in 3G radio

Singer Will.i.am is joining the wearables market with a smart watch of its own. Although it’s described as “not a watch,” the Puls will show the current time, while also allowing users to access Internet services via the built-in 3G radio, play music and track their fitness activities.

Will.i.am positioned the device as more fashionable than competing products that also doubles as a personal trainer of sorts. During the launch event, the media representatives saw the Puls counting repetitions of a strength exercise.

The Puls can count repetitions of a strength exercise.Later on, an AT&T executive said the watch will enable millennials to tweet from their wrists while clubbing.

We were left without some answers though, including the device’s battery life. We did see few accompanying clothing pieces with integrated battery packs that could power-up the Puls while on the go.

One model wore a jacket that is capable of providing juice to the watch for two and a half days. Technology should be part of more of the things we wear, Will.i.am. said.

No pricing or release information was provided for the Puls. The device has been repeatedly delayed this year, with planned release slipping from the spring to the summer to “around the holidays.” It will be available in few different colors — including black, white, pink and blue — and there will also be few premium models such a solid-gold Puls and one with gold and diamonds.

The smart watch will launch on carriers AT&T in the United States and O2 in the United Kingdom.

[Via: TheVerge]