Cleveland Clinic spin-out Adeo will make sure modern tech gets used in healthcare


The Cleveland Clinic has spun out a new company that will make sure modern technology will actually get used in the healthcare industry. The idea is to distribute useful technologies that otherwise wouldn’t have been commercialized, according to officials from Cleveland Clinic Innovations, the Clinic’s business development unit.

Adeo will distribute medical software and all sorts of other technologies developed by the Clinic and its companies, as well as other academic medical centers the Clinic works with through its Healthcare Innovation Alliance.

Starting in December, interested parties will be able to procure new technologies at in December, interested parties will be able to procure new technologies at

Some of the products that will be available through the website will be deployed in the near future. For one thing, the Clinic is often inquired from members of the health care community about the tool that Clinic nurses use to predict whether a cancer patient is at risk of falling down.

Another product health care organizations are keen to use is Clinic’s MyFamily software, which lets patients to fill out their medical history on a tablet in the doctor’s office or online, before they arrive.

The full list of products, services and technologies Adeo will offer is anyone’s guess at this point; the company’s site has that “coming soon” feel to it, with additional details coming in the next few weeks…

[Via: Crain’s Cleveland Business]