Partners Healthcare, EMC team-up over new data and analytics platform

Partners Healthcare

Partners Healthcare and EMC Corporation are teaming-up to improve the delivery of health care and the lives of patients by developing an agile data and analytics platform, The Partners Data Lake.

The objective of The Partners Data Lake is to speed clinically relevant research developed across the Partners Healthcare system into the clinical setting. Insights derived from the platform will be used to inform medical science to help make research more efficient, improving the diagnosis and treatment of disease and ultimately making healthcare more cost effective.

“Partners HealthCare is in a unique position to combine the use of technology and research to revolutionize the delivery of healthcare to benefit patients,” said Dr. Shawn Murphy, Corporate Director of Research IS and Computing, Partners HealthCare. “Our ability to lead innovation will be greatly enhanced through our collaboration with EMC by having valuable data available for our researchers to perform analysis and develop applications more dynamically than ever before.”

By leveraging the advanced medical diagnostics capabilities throughout the Partners Healthcare system, large amounts of data generated through separate research activities will now be brought together within The Partners Data Lake to enable the medical community to explore and develop new insights into human disease to improve diagnostics, treatment and the lives of patients.

The Partners Data Lake will support research and clinical activities across the Partners system that includes the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, McLean Hospital, Spaulding Rehabilitation Network and their community hospitals.

Development and implementation of the Partners Data Lake will begin immediately.