The Immunize Canada app helps Canadians track their vaccinations

Immunize Canada

Immunize Canada is a novel immunizations and vaccine app, initiated and funded by Canada’s federal health organizations to help its citizens. Users enter information, such as location of residence and vaccination history into the app, and software provides a recommended vaccination schedule along with custom profiles for individuals and family members. Syncing with smartphone’s calendar to create appointment reminders, and email and print immunization records come included, as well.

“Our experience developing a national immunization app demonstrates the power of mobile technologies to overcome jurisdictional obstacles in public health,” the authors of the app said. “We believe that by empowering individuals, mobile technologies create opportunities for federal governments to better coordinate regional activities and address both gaps and overlaps in authority that often are created by constitutional ambiguities.”

Available in French and English for iOS and Android devices, Immunize Canada app is free to download with all the information and tracking capabilities.

[Via: HealthAffairs]