MedeAnalytics acquires OnFocus Healthcare

MedeAnalytics acquires OnFocus Healthcare

Healthcare analytics provider MedeAnalytics is acquiring OnFocus Healthcare to create the first “closed loop” analytics and execution-driven performance improvement solution for healthcare.

OnFocus Healthcare’s embedded action planning, progress tracking and performance management functionality will be integrated with existing MedeAnalytics solutions, allowing organizations to plan, manage and sustain increased accountability and employee execution to drive improved results on key performance metrics across the enterprise. Customers will now have real-time, drill-down analytical, reporting and action planning capabilities that make it easier and faster to identify, measure and achieve the desired outcomes of their performance improvement initiatives.

“Providers and health plans will now be able to leverage the crucial insights from MedeAnalytics to create robust action plans aimed at driving results across hundreds of employees, facilities, departments and clinical settings,” said Andrew Hurd, MedeAnalytics Chairman and CEO.

OnFocus Healthcare’s enterprise performance management (EPM) software allows healthcare leaders to link their business intelligence with current strategies, key performance metrics and dynamic action plans aimed at producing clinical, financial and operational breakthroughs in performance.

OnFocus Healthcare’s solutions are currently in use by more than 300 healthcare provider organizations.