Runtastic launches a sleep-tracking app

Runtastic Sleep Better

Activity tracker and app maker Runtastic launched its very first sleep-tracking app, Sleep Better, designed for people who are not fans of wearable devices but instead prefer more detailed information about their sleep habits.

The application is operational when the phone is next or under the pillow, relying on the built-in sensors [of the phone] to determine how much the user is tossing and turning. Collected data is used to offer details on light and non-sleep patterns during the night, and to fill up a “dream diary,” used for tracking pleasant and not-so-pleasant dreams.

Sleep Better provides users with sleeping history which can lead to change of sleeping habits to reach good night sleep. Wake up moods are taking big role in determining whether the user is getting enough sleep, or not. There is also an option for setting up a smart alarm to get off at times the user is not in deep sleep, helping him or her feel more well-rested.

Runtastic made its sleep app available for both iPhone and Android devices; it can work even when there is no Internet connection around, in the Airplane Mode, and sync the data with Apple’s HealthKit.