Elvie is a vagina fitness tracker of sorts

Elvie is a vagina fitness tracker of sorts

After kGoal, we have another company launching a vagina fitness tracker. The name of the product is Elvie, and it’s a brainchild of UK-based technology startup Chiaro, which too wants to help women keep pelvic-floor muscles in good shape. Health benefits of doing so included stability to the whole pelvic region and lower spine, support for bladder and bowels, increasing sexual pleasure for women, reducing incontinence and premature ejaculation for men, and prevention of incontinence and prolapse, particularly for women after childbirth and menopause.

“One in three women have a bladder problems that leads to accidental peeing when they cough, sneeze, jump, laugh,” explains Dr Tania Boler, CEO and co-founder of Chiaro. “As women get older the muscles start weakening, particularly through menopause – half of women get prolapse. Elvie prevents and treats these problems.”

The egg-shaped device consist of an insertable, sensor-packed device and an accompanying mobile app. Women insert Elvie into their vaginas and five-minute workout can begin. During this time, a woman needs to make contraction with her vagina while multiple sensors measure the amount of pressure being applied and how. This information is send via Bluetooth to the app, which then can help women improve technique and strength score.

Elvie comes with a special carrier case that doubles as a charger. It can be pre-ordered today for an early-bird price of £55, with shipments starting in March 2015.

[Via: Mirror]