Samsung in talks with SAP, MS about healthcare

samsung healthcare plans

Samsung is in talks with SAP and Microsoft to collaborate on commercializing a number of health-oriented devices and services, Korea Times is reporting.

The world’s biggest handset maker is looking to generate almost $1 billion in revenues from healthcare businesses by 2020, according to company officials.

Samsung is interested in using SAP’s big data analytical tool “Care Circles,” which it believes, would be an ideal match for the Gear wearable devices, and the wider Samsung mHealth eco-system.

Care Circles helps family members become better care providers by learning from experts around the world. It also allows physicians to monitor and coach their patents remotely.

On the other end of the spectrum, there’s Microsoft which has its own health initiatives and has recently launched its very first wearable device, Microsoft Band, along with the Microsoft Health platform. The Korean company may be looking for ways to get Windows users on its side, and perhaps even mix its offering with that of the Redmond giant.

“While SAP is a leader in the race for corporate platforms such as those related in health, retail and banking services, MS could be a good business partner also,” said an executive of a company supplying parts to Samsung.

The market for healthcare solutions is expected to reach 476 trillion won by 2018, growing 6% annually, according to research firms.