Samsung unveils new digital health initiatives, partners

Samsung unveils new digital health initiatives, partners

During the Samsung Developer Conference, the Korean company unveiled new platforms for “enhancing consumer lifestyles through open collaboration,” some of which had a lot to do with digital health.

In particular, Samsung Digital Health (SDH) Platform and SDK were announced to enable developers to track information on personal health, such as activity, workout, food consumption and more. The SDH — which is pretty much Sammy’s version of Apple’s HealthKit — syncs the information with Samsung Cloud server and Samsung Account. It allows services and apps to be connected to the SDH Platform, on which users can enjoy “quality healthcare services from Samsung’s partners in the healthcare industry.”

Then we had the company making the Samsung Simband open reference design platform available to be ordered by developers wishing to design sensors and algorithms based on the platform. Simband is an open hardware reference design for wearable technology, capable of integrating advanced sensing technologies. The accompanying SDK brings together fragmented data from a variety of sources for analysis.

Samsung also unveiled a new bio processor that enables device makers to easily add health monitoring to their next-generation smart wearables.

Finally, the world’s largest handset maker announced the list of 24 commercial and research partners it has been working with. Samsung’s commercial partners include Nike, Aetna, Cigna, Cleveland Clinic, dacadoo, Edamam, Humana, Fitbug, Lark, Merck, Preventice, Skimble, WellDoc; while their research partners include UCSF, imec, Bloom Technologies, EarlySense, Elfi Tech, Stanford University, LifeBeam, Sensifree, SleepRate, and uptick.