Sesame is the world’s first touch-free smartphone, designed for people with disabilities


Sesame is the first completely touch-free smartphone that is controlled entirely with head movements and voice. The device is actually a modified version of Google’s Nexus 5 with custom Sesame user interface.

Through advanced computer vision algorithms, the Sesame Phone tracks user’s head movements with extreme precision, utilizing the existing, front-facing camera. To kick things off, user say “Open Sesame” and preloaded Sesame software will start tracking his or her head.

Sesame promises access to Google Play’s entire world of apps, which includes Twitter, Facebook, instant messaging, along with the ability to make and take phone calls or download any of the other millions of apps and use them touch-free.

The company is committed to setting a new standard in assistive technologies. Its team is driven by a deep belief in equality and universal accessibility, and in developing meaningful devices and ideas. To make this happen, Sesame needs to raise $30,000 in a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo. You can support the project with as little as $25, though $700 will get you the whole package with the Sesame phone, which will ship in March 2015.