Texas hospital using Google Glass to improve treatment of stroke victims

Texas hospital using Google Glass to improve treatment of stroke victims

Memorial Hermann’s Texas Medical Center hospital decided to equip stroke experts that work at emergency areas with Google Glass to find out possibilities of saving time, money and lives. The plan is that doctors share critical medical information with the hospital’s staff while responding to 911 calls related to potential stroke victims.

Medical workers participating in the program will rely both on Wi-Fi connectivity (when available) and their mobile phone’s connection to keep Google’s wearable online even when it’s used in the field.

“We can start treatment right away at those sites and save a lot of time,” Dr. James Grotta, director of Stroke Research at Memorial Hermann’s Texas Medical Center, told the Houston Chronicle. “With the brain, this is critical. I think this technology will work all over the county.”

The introduction of Glass is part of a program Grotta launched with the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston to expedite patient stroke diagnosis and treatment. The idea is to build special ambulance equipped with a mini CT scanner and other imaging equipment to help the team more easily locate life-threatening blood clots.

Strokes are among the top five causes of death in the US and cost America’s healthcare system around $200,000 per person annually. In this pilot proves successful, doctors and EMTs could eventually adopt Glass as part of their standard gear.

[Via: 9to5google]