Intel, Luxottica team-up over smart glasses

Intel, Luxottica team-up over smart glasses

Intel is teaming-up with Luxottica, the world’s largest eyewear maker, to make a dent in the smart glass market.

This strategic alliance will “push the boundaries of research and development,” the press release reads, to “anticipate what smart technology for eyewear will look like in the future.” The ultimate goal is to deliver smart, fashion-forward products that are meaningful and desirable to consumers.

The first product from Intel and Luxottica is expected to launch next year.“Through our collaboration with Luxottica Group, we will unite our respective ecosystems and bring together Intel’s leading-edge silicon and software technology with Luxottica’s design innovation and consumer expertise,” said Intel CEO Brian Krzanich. “We expect the combination of our expertise to help drive a much faster pace of innovation and push the envelope of what’s possible.”

No health-based technologies have been mentioned in the press release but the hope is that any smart glass platform Intel and Luxottica unveil will pave the way for improved health care services. If it works for Google Glass, it should work for other smart glasses, as well.

Recently, Intel has been pushing hard in the wearables space, having acquired the smart watch maker Basis Science earlier this year. That, obviously, was just a start and going forward they’ll want to make sure Intel-made products are ticking in as many products as possible.

The first eyewear from Intel and Luxottica is expected to launch in 2015.