Runkeeper for Android 5.1 adds support for phone-free GPS

Runkeeper 5.1 adds support for phone-free GPS

Runkeeper updated its Android app with the ability to use GPS inside an Android Wear device for tracking. Version 5.1 allows users to leave their phone at home when they’re out for a run.

At the moment, only the Sony SmartWatch 3 comes with a built-in GPS receiver, but chances are there will be more such devices in the weeks and months to come.

Owners of Sony’s wearable will be able to carry just their watch on their runs and when they get home, sync the data with the Runkeeper app on their smartphone.

Additionally, Runkeeper also got support for headphone heart rate monitoring. The popular fitness tracking app will connect to the SMS Audio BioSport Headphones to track user’s heart beats without relying on a separate chest strap or arm band. Just plug in your headphones, flip a switch and you’re good to go…