Hiji Band can detect Traumatic Brain Injury

Hiji Band can detect Traumatic Brain Injury

The Hiji Band is not “yet another fitness tracker.” Rather, this wearable solution has been created to detect and report Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in youth sports. Working with an accompanying mobile app, the device ensures that parents, coaches, and athletes are aware of any damage caused during practice or games.

The Hiji Band system consists of impact-detecting sensors that fit comfortably inside custom headband, and computer software which automatically collects and stores impact data, and sends real-time alerts to key personnel via mobile app when a player suffers a strong head impact. The sensors are capable of tracking key factors from an impact, namely direction, location, and speed.

The Hiji Band integrates impact-detecting sensors that work with computer software which automatically collects and stores impact data.The software facilitates long-term data collection that allows teams to compile a lifetime record of all notable head impacts that the player has received. It will also render impact data in easy-to-understand images, graphs and text, helping players and coaches better understand the consequences of players’ head impacts.

The company behind the Hiji Band has used its own money for research, testing, and development of the Hiji Band. Additionally, it has secured funding through organizations, such as the Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA), the City of Phoenix and the City of Mesa – Arizona. The grant funds have been applied to developing and establishing manufacturing processes, tooling, industrial design, and environmental testing.

The band is looking to raise $7,000 by February 18th. A single unit could be had for $79 through Kickstarter.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around 3.8 million sports- and recreation-related traumatic brain injuries occur each year.