Parrot’s Zik Sport headphones can track one’s activity

Parrot's Zik Sport headphones can track one's activity

France-based Parrot is the latest company to launch a smart headphones that go beyond music/audio playback and include activity tracking capabilities. Their Zik Sport product has been unveiled at CES but it won’t be available until later this year.

Designed by Philippe Starck with running in mind, the Bluetooth 4.0, in-ear headset weighs just 70g and chances are – it won’t be affordable.

At the big show in Vegas, Parrot is showing off the prototype unit, which according to The Verge, is still not ready for prime time.

The Zik Sport works with an accompanying mobile app to track user’s heart rate, pace, vertical oscillation, as well as such details as which foot runners favor over another.

Also included as part of the package is adaptive noise cancellation that is adjustable through the app.

Exact pricing and availability information were not revealed and chances are we’ll get those details in the next few months or so…

Parrot Zik Sport app