Polar A300 “lifestyle” watch unveiled

Polar A300

Fitness monitor veteran Polar is out with a new smartband that is suitable for both everyday activity monitoring and hardcore workouts.

The device, marked as Polar A300, can track one’s speed, pace, calories burned and other details, as well as heart rate when used in pair with the Polar H7 heart rate sensor. It’s designed to be worn all day long, and is available in six “juicy colors,” with the option to further personalize the experience with swappable silicon wristbands.

At the end of each workout, there’s the motivating feedback that should help users push harder, or something of that sort. Moreover, the connected app will provide details on the total time user was active, steps taken during the day, distance traveled, and sleep time along with information on how well you slept.

The Polar A300 will launch in North America and Finland in February. In Europe, it will go for €119.90 or €159.90, depending whether you need it with the H7 heart rate sensor or not. No word on pricing in North America, though.