Qualcomm Life scores deals with Novartis and Walgreens


Qualcomm Life has scored major deals with Novartis and Walgreens, both of which will use the company’s 2net technology to enhance their respective services.

In a deal with Novartis, Qualcomm Life will help the drug maker in its Trials of The Future program by using 2net as a connectivity platform for collecting and aggregating medical device data during clinical trials. This in turn should improve the convenience and speed of capturing study participant data and test results.

The Trials of The Future program is designed to leverage health care technology to improve the experience of clinical trial participants and patients using Novartis products, and provide connectivity with future products marketed by Novartis. Novartis will combine the 2net Platform, 2net Hub and 2net Mobile technologies with designated medical devices to automate the collection of vital patient data at patient’s homes during clinical trials.

Qualcomm Life’s 2net Platform will support Walgreens’ Balance Rewards for healthy choices program.On the other hand, Walgreens will rely on Qualcomm’s expertise to power device connectivity with Walgreens mobile and web applications and its Balance Rewards for healthy choices program with robust medical device connectivity and care coordination capabilities. Here, the 2net Platform will enable remote patient monitoring, transitional care support and chronic care management through seamless transmission of biometric data from patients’ connected medical devices.

Compatible Walgreens devices include a wrist-worn blood pressure cuff, a traditional blood pressure cuff and a blood glucose meter. The Walgreens apps and Qualcomm-enabled branded devices will be available to consumers in the first half of 2015.