Tensio makes blood pressure management easier for iPhone, Apple Watch users

Tensio app

Tensio is a new iPhone and Apple Watch app that lets anyone with hypertension better manage blood pressure-related lifestyle factors such as diet, weight, exercise, etc. as well as prescribed medications.

Designed by the award-winning team of physicians and app developers at Humetrix, the application integrates Apple HealthKit data from users’ monitoring devices like blood pressure cuff, smart scale and activity trackers with other medical data, and then applies medical intelligence to generate individual notifications on user’s phone or wrist (with Apple Watch).

Said notifications could include medication and activity reminders, alerts on when to check the blood pressure, diet alerts and tips, and more.

Tensio may be “just an app” but it will work in partnership with a doctor to help users effectively manage their high blood pressure. The application is readily available from Apple’s App Store from where it could be downloaded for $3.99.