K Health app

K Health launches personalized hypertension treatment algorithm powered by Mayo Clinic Platform

The clinical AI platform is using data insights from Mayo Clinic Platform_Discover to augment clinicians in real-time with intelligent treatment planning for hypertension.
Livongo Health package

Livongo announces a cellular-enabled blood pressure monitoring system

The new system allows blood pressure data to transfer seamlessly from "Cuff to Cloud," enabling easy checking and reporting from home.

Medisafe’s app to be tested with hypertension patients

Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital and Evidation Health will test Medisafe's medication adherence app in a randomized control trial of 390 patients.
Tactio Health app

University of Michigan to pilot home blood pressure monitoring system

The 25-person study will look at the effects of pharmacist-led home blood pressure monitoring and medication reminders on people with hypertension.
Tensio app

Tensio makes blood pressure management easier for iPhone, Apple Watch users

The application integrates Apple HealthKit data from users' monitoring devices and then applies medical intelligence to generate individual notifications.