BaseHealth API allows developers to integrate genomic data into their apps

BaseHealth API

The precision medicine company BaseHealth is launching its API, which consists of five calls that gives developers the ability to integrate genomic data and health assessments into their health and wellness apps.

The BaseHealth API is built on the BaseHealth assessment engine, which leverages genomic data in combination with clinical and behavioral analysis to provide personalized, evidence-based health assessments. Said engine is backed by 5 years of chronic disease research and modeled on validated data from over 20,000 peer-reviewed papers. It currently includes data on specific risk factors for more than 40 common complex diseases along with information on 17 drug responses and 9 food responses, with more research being added to the platform regularly.

The BaseHealth API is free up to 1,000 calls per month and above that, the cost begins at $0.10 per call.“The BaseHealth API marks the first time in human history that genomic data is on-call for developers across the globe,” said Prakash Menon, CEO of BaseHealth. “We’re putting these services in the hands of developers who will use them to dramatically improve outcomes, drive better patient-centered care, and manage risk on the individual and population level.”

The five initial services offered to developers with the BaseHealth API, include:

  • Anonymous Assessment – input a subject’s genetic, diet, lifestyle, and environmental information and BaseHealth returns a risk profile for that subject for a requested disease, including disease risk level at age 65, current odds for the disease, achievable odds for the disease, list of risk factors for each disease and the odds associated with each risk factor.
  • Curated Content – input the name of a disease and BaseHealth returns information about the disease that includes associated genes/variants, risk factors, actions that could reduce the disease risk, statistics about the disease and its prevalence.
  • Drug and Food Response (two services) – input genetic variations and BaseHealth returns information on drug/food response analysis including effect of the genotype, attribute that the genotype effects and the number of variations that contribute to this effect, the list of variations that contribute to this effect, and the ethnicity on which this effect is found.
  • Personalized Assessment – returns various types of information about members already on the BaseHealth platform with the members’ authorization.

The BaseHealth API is free up to 1,000 calls per month. Above that, the cost begins at $0.10 per call and decreases based on volume.