American Well telehealth exchanges launching within the next few weeks

American Well exchange

Telehealth service provider American Well will be launching so called telehealth “exchanges” within the next few weeks, allowing patients to search for physicians who are able to provide immediate online consultations or in-office visits on short notice. Physicians on their end will be able to make themselves available whenever they have a free time slot.

While previewing the service during the mHealth + Telehealth World event in Boston, the company’s CEO Dr. Roy Schoenberg called it a part of AmWell’s “telehealth 2.0” initiative, in which telehealth is simply a part of regular practice of medicine, complete with integration into electronic health records and practice management systems.

Each American Well exchange will be focused on a specific medical specialty or nonmedical area of concern, like diet and nutrition. We are the company is pitching and recruiting doctors as we speak, asking them to provide their (availability) schedules so that the service could launch with a number of physicians ready to serve patients in “near real-time.” More to come, obviously.

[Via: MedCityNews]