AstraZeneca to offer Adherium’s smart inhalers to asthma and COPD patients

Adherium's smart inhalers

New Zealand-based Adherium has scored a long term Supply Agreement with AstraZeneca for its Smartinhaler product range. Under the deal, Adherium will supply its devices and sensors that AstraZeneca will incorporate within global patient support programs for patients with COPD and asthma.

Adherium has developed a device monitoring technology and collaborated with a broad range of academic partners to demonstrate the robustness and effectiveness of its products. Fewer than 50% of asthma patients adhere to their prescribed preventative medications, but with Adherium’s smartphone-connected device – the adherence increases by up to 59% in adults and 180% in children with asthma. Also, in adults, clinical evidence showed that using a Smartinhaler can reduce severe episodes by 60%.

AstraZeneca has already used Adherium’s technology in clinical evaluations and trials, and has piloted its use in programs to support patients in the management of their conditions. The pharmaceuticals giant plans to use Adherium device technology as the “pivotal component” of its global patient support programs.

Initially, AstraZeneca will use the tech to monitor patients’ use of therapy and provide personalized advice to patients based on their conditions and medication use. In the future, developments are likely to include additional sensors designed to monitor a patient’s condition and potentially to assess a patient’s personalized risk factors.