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Study: Adherium’s Smartinhaler improves clinical outcomes, medication adherence in children with asthma

The study demonstrated a five-fold reduction in asthma-related hospitalizations observed in patients using Adherium's Smartinhaler.
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Adherium smart inhalers to be used in a multi-country study

Researchers plan to recruit 675 adults to investigate the safety and efficacy of three different treatment regimens for mild asthma.
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Study: Smart inhaler can boosts medication adherence by 144 percent

Also the three studies Adherium has conducted have found a 14.9% increase in lung function and a 37% reduction in oral steroid usage.

Smart inhaler maker Adherium raises $25.6M in an IPO

The New Zealand-based company got $3 million from AstraZeneca with which it recently signed a long-term commercialization agreement.
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AstraZeneca to offer Adherium’s smart inhalers to asthma and COPD patients

With Adherium's smartphone-connected device, the medication adherence increases by up to 59% in adults and 180% in children with asthma.