SERMO expands to South Africa, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand

SERMO expands to new markets

After the UK and Canada, social network for doctors SERMO is going to other English-speaking markets, namely South Africa, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Touted as the only doctor-exclusive global online meeting place, SERMO facilitates authentic discussions, virtual learning and medical crowdsourcing among doctors across the globe.

A recent SERMO poll indicated there’s the appetite for international collaboration, with 85% of international doctors looking to join the leading US social network.

SERMO is especially proud of its medical crowdsourcing platform, which enables doctors to pool their collective wisdom online to solve patient cases. On SERMO, it has already helped improve and save patients’ lives, and most doctors believe this kind of collaboration has the potential to transform the way medicine is practiced.

During last year, 3,500 challenging patient cases were posted by US doctors on SERMO. These cases were viewed 700,000 times and received 50,000 comments. Most patient cases get responses within 1.5 hours and are resolved within 24 hours.