2Morrow’s smoking cessation app SmartQuit heading to Turkey

SmartQuit app

2Morrow is bringing its smoking cessation app SmartQuit to Turkey in partnership with mHealth Technologies. The two parties will work together to localize the SmartQuit app and help about 14 million people in Turkey (as of 2013) kick the habit.

“When we saw the smoking cessation program from 2Morrow and its clinically proven effectiveness, we knew this would be a great fit for us. The Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) behavioral program developed by Dr. Bricker is an exciting new approach to addressing the cravings associated with smoking, and gives us a competitive advantage in the marketplace”, said John Cannon, CEO of mHealth Technologies. “This program will help 100’s of thousands of people in Turkey learn proven techniques to help them successfully quit smoking.”

In a feasibility study done by 2Morrow, 83% of smokers reported that they would be more likely to use an app than call a quit line for help with quitting. The SmartQuit program was created in collaboration with researchers from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle and is the first app-based cessation program shown to be effective in a randomized control trial. To date, two clinical trials of SmartQuit have been completed and a new large randomized control trial is planned for next year making SmartQuit the most tested smoking cessation “app” on the market.