Sony’s SmartBand 2 with heart rate monitor officially unveiled

Sony SmartBand 2

Sony has officially unveiled its earlier leaked SmartBand 2 wearable, TheVerge is reporting. As we’ve noted before, version 2 comes with integrated heart rate monitor, which is an upgrade compared to the original activity tracker.

Other than that, it’s pretty similar to the first SmartBand, boasting all of the sensors needed to keep up with one’s walking, running, sleep and other activities (or their lack off) throughout the day. Also, it too comes with a system for notifications and will vibrate and/or light-up its LEDs (it doesn’t have a screen of its own) to alert users on incoming calls and text messages. These vibrations are also used to power-up the smart alarm to wake users up at the best point in their sleep cycle.

Finally, SmartBand 2 also doubles as a music playback control device. It is a water-proof product, that — according to Sony — offers two days of battery life from an hour of charging.

The Japanese company refrains from using the “activity tracker” term; rather, it calls the SmartBand 2 a “lifelogger” device that works with the Lifelog app to provide “insights about [users’] fitness, well-being, and stress levels.” That app also sings along other Sony-made wearable devices, including the SmartWatch, (original) SmartBand, and SmartBand Talk.

The SmartBand 2 will start selling in black and white this September for around €119 ($132). Shortly after, it will be available in pink and indigo.