Wena Wrist

Sony’s Wena Wrist smartwatch is both fancy and smart

From the ground up, Wena Wrist is designed as a regular watch with smart component, and its construction clearly shows the two halves.
Sony SmartBand 2

Sony’s SmartBand 2 with heart rate monitor officially unveiled

The updated device comes with integrated heart rate monitor; it will start selling in black and white this September for around €119 ($132).
Sony SmartBand 2

Sony SmartBand 2 SWR12 with heart rate monitor coming soon?

Beyond fitness tracking, the wearable device will deliver notifications and integrate the smart alarm feature to smoothly wakes up users in the morning.
Sony SmartWatch 3

Sony beefs up its SmartWatch 3, opens-up Lifelog API and debuts a wearable running...

The watch got a steel link-strap, the API will allow developers to tune into Sony's platform, while runners got a brand new thing to try out.
Sony smart glass

Sony wants to make regular glass smart

At CES, the Japanese company will show the world its concept product called "SmartEyeglass Attach!," which is meant to be attached to sports eyewear pieces.
Sony SmartBand Talk and SmartWatch 3

Sony Mobile unveils SmartBand Talk and SmartWatch 3

SmartBand Talk is a fitness band with an always-on curved 1.4" e-paper display; SmartWatch 3 is the company's first Android Wear-based watch.
Sony Smart Tennis Sensor

Sony’s $200 Smart Tennis Sensor can improve your swing

Relying on advanced vibration mechanics analysis, the gadget screws into the lower end of select rackets to log shot counts, impact location, swing and spin.