Sony’s $200 Smart Tennis Sensor can improve your swing

Sony Smart Tennis Sensor

Sony is going for the smart sports market with its Smart Tennis Sensor. Relying on advanced vibration mechanics analysis, the gadget screws into the lower end of compatible tennis rackets made by the likes of Wilson, Prince and Yonex to log shot counts, impact location, swing and call speed, and even spin. The sensor goes for $200 and even though it was originally unveiled at this year’s CES, it won’t start selling before January 2015.

Using Bluetooth technology, the Sony Smart Tennis Sensor connects to an accompanying mobile app that is available for both iPhone and Android devices. Said application will provide players with swing visualizations, heat mapping, stats, and shot metrics. Moreover, it comes with the built-in sharing capability, allowing users to post their achievements on Twitter and Facebook.

The IP65 water- and dust-proof certified sensor weighs in 8 grams (0.28oz) while measuring 31.3mm (1.23 inches) across. It has enough memory to log up to 12,000 shots for when not connected to your phone. And for what it matters, it has been certified by the International Tennis Federation for use during competition.