Denmark launching 5 telehealth projects

flag of Denmark

Denmark is already one of the top mHealth countries where 91 percent of doctors use electronic medical data exchange. Now they’re launching five ambitious home monitoring projects, sponsored by the country’s Digitization Authority which will support them with roughly $3.3 million in funding.

The five project launching in Denmark include:

1. Home rehabilitation and physiotherapy in and around Copenhagen with the goal to reduce hospital readmissions.

2. Connecting young residents dealing with type 1 diabetes with hospital staff in Copenhagen and Zealand.

3. A home health monitoring program for patients with heart conditions in the northern region of Jutland.

4. Connecting patients with diabetes, metabolic disorders and calcium disorders with healthcare officials through virtual endocrinology outpatient clinics. The project, which is targeting the southern part of the country and Zealand, is expected to connect as many as 20,000 patients through video consults.

5. Prevention of Acute Admissions by Telehealth (PAATH) in the southern part of the country and Svendborg to use home monitoring to connect older residents to healthcare providers, thereby reducing acute admissions. The project will include video consults and the monitoring of blood pressure and pulse rates, among other vital signs.

All of these projects are expected to run through 2018.

[Via: mHealthNews]