Solutionreach, Uber integrate to improve patient accessibility

Solutionreach-Uber partnership

Solutionreach, the company that makes patient relationship management solutions, is teaming-up with Uber, to give patients better access to their healthcare providers. Thanks to this deal, patients will get a convenient tool that makes it easier to reach their physicians, keep their care appointments, and maintain their health.

The combination of the Solutionreach intelligence, which identifies when a patient needs to be seen by their doctor, and Uber’s ability to “deliver” the patient directly to the practice, brings an innovative development for further ensuring the best health outcomes.

“We are always looking for new and innovative ways to make a difference for both the patient and the provider throughout the continuum of healthcare,” says Jim Higgins, Founder and CEO of Solutionreach, “and this integration is reflective of that.”

Founded in 2000, Solutionreach pioneered text and email-based patient communication and has continued introducing healthcare practitioners to an increasing number of unique solutions for managing relationships with their patients throughout the continuum of care.

“Our API makes it easy: we take riders wherever they need to go, from wherever they are,” says Matt Wyndowe, Head of Product Partnerships at Uber. “Now, through this new integration, riders aren’t just getting better access to their cities-they are getting access to better health.”