DocChat joins the telehealth market


DocChat is a new telemedicine platform and app that provides an easy way for a patient to quickly consult with an emergency-qualified doctor, who can also write a prescription, if needed. The company guarantees a doctor will see a patient in 15 minutes, and the patient is able to consult their doctors at any time after their visit.

All of the doctors available through DocChat are completely emergency-experienced, which leads to a more effective diagnosis and triage. This, the company claims, greatly cuts into the need to visit an emergency room, as attested by a recent pilot study of DocChat in rural nursing homes. There, DocChat’s app was able to reduce the E.R. transfer rate for geriatric patients by a full 95%. DocChat was able to diagnose and treat hyperkalemia, bilateral pneumonia, sepsis, falls, and head injuries. Furthermore, the patients’ families were 100% satisfied with each consultation and the doctors’ recommendations.

By merely having convenient access to a physician, providers can achieve better health outcomes for patients. “We are creating a convenient gateway to the healthcare world,” said Dr. Steve Okhravi, founder and CEO of DocChat. “We say, ‘What can I do to help?’ and we triage and connect the patient to the appropriate resources and continue to check on the patient’s progress. The result is that the patient’s entire loop of care is closed. But it all starts with being able to talk to a doctor.”

DocChat costs $50 per visit and is currently in network with Aetna. The DocChat app is available for iOS and Android-based devices.