Fitbit Wellness now a HIPAA compliant service

Fitbit Wellness

Fitbit Wellness is now a HIPAA-compliant service, the company has announced, adding that thanks to this capability its clients and partners can more effectively integrate with HIPAA-covered entities, including corporate wellness partners, health plans and self-insured employers.

What this means is that all the data collected by Fitbit’s activity trackers, the Surge smart watch and Aria smart scale will be securely transferred — in a HIPAA-compliant way — to Fitbit’s servers and from there, available to Fitbit’s business clients.

“By allowing a greater level of integration with HIPAA-covered entities, Fitbit Wellness can better serve our clients and partners, and their members and employees,” said Amy McDonough, Vice President and General Manager of Fitbit Wellness. “We are excited about this new initiative and believe it will allow Fitbit Wellness to serve a broader market, and is another step forward in achieving Fitbit’s goal of empowering users to lead healthier, more active lives.”

Fitbit, which has filed for an IPO earlier this year, has managed to move 4.5 million of its devices in Q2, for a total of $400 million in revenues. The company, however, is facing a legal challenge from a competitor Jawbone, which claims Fitbit has stole its industry secrets.