eClinicalWorks announces new EHR platform, interoperability with other systems

eClinicalWorks 10e

eClinicalWorks is launching a new version of its electronic health records (EHRs) platform, eClinicalWorks 10e. Featuring an HTML5-based unified user experience, 10e can be used on any platform making it easier for healthcare organizations to manage patient care delivery at home, in the office, at work and/or fitness location.

Additionally, patient engagement, telehealth visits and population health functions are all integrated within the system, even allowing import of health and wellness tracker data. eClinicalWorks 10e runs on every web-based platform, whether it’s mobile or desktop-based.

“10e’s capabilities are so diverse, and so powerful, yet so simple to use, that this is the most intuitive EHR system yet,” Girish Navani, CEO and co-founder of eClinicalWorks, said about its latest offering. “We truly believe that this is going to raise the bar in the industry.”

eClinicalWorks 10e will be available to customers by the end of 2015.

Patient engagement, telehealth visits and population health functions are all integrated within eClinicalWorks 10e.In the other news, eClinicalWorks announced free interoperability with any hospital system utilizing the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) standards for on-demand and real-time exchange of Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) data. All of the popular platforms are supported — including those made by Allscripts, Cerner, Epic, Meditech and McKesson — ensuring timely sharing of patient data at the point of care.

In real-life settings, the capability enables eClinicalWorks customers to easily view such hospital data as discharge summaries, CCDAs and additional codified information that is discretely importable into the EHR.

Finally, the company said that its subsidiary, healow, is launching the Internet of Things (IoT) cloud, allowing third-party hardware platforms and applications to collect, store and analyze patient shared data through a healow IoT API. To date, 45 million people have access to their records through healow, which itself has created key partnerships and connections with key industry players, including Fitbit, Glooko, Google Fit, iHealth, Jawbone, Moves, Raiing (iThermonitor), Telcare, and Withings.