HTC Grip won’t be out before Q1 2016

HTC Grip

HTC has decided to once again postpone the launch of its wearable device, the HTC Grip. The device, or a series of devices, won’t be out before the first quarter of next year, when we’ll hopefully see the fruits of the Taiwanese company’s co-operation with Under Armour.

Here’s a statement HTC sent to Phandroid:

As we continue to develop the Connected Fitness platform and elevate our product offerings, Under Armour and HTC have decided to launch a fully integrated digital ecosystem of products early next year. This global launch will provide the tools needed to help athletes of all levels track, manage and improve their health and fitness. Our teams have done a remarkable job bringing these products to life and we’re excited to share them with the public soon.

As you’ve just read, the Grip may be discontinued altogether and we may get an entire “ecosystem of products,” instead.

If you recall, when HTC originally announced its wrist-worn product, it said serious athletes will want to buy one. That, of course, could change now that the plan has shifted to more devices, rather than a single product. Chances are there will be some basic wearable(s) made for regular folks, as well as some professional model said serious athletes will buy. Waiting and seeing is pretty much all we can do at this stage.