FUJIFILM SonoSite’s portable ultrasound solution iViz clears the FDA

FUJIFILM SonoSite iViz

FUJIFILM SonoSite’s iViz has received FDA’s 510(k) clearance and is now ready to be sold on the U.S. soil. The portable ultrasound device is already available in Europe, enabling clinicians to treat patients in non-traditional care settings.

With iViz, clinicians can seamlessly access learning resources and patient information, store exam findings, submit reports, and consult with remote providers for near real-time assessment making it especially suited for field use and for the growing area of telemedicine.

“iViz is a revolutionary solution for clinicians and represents a landmark in FUJIFILM SonoSite’s innovation. It achieves new levels of image performance and provides unprecedented connectivity in a highly mobile platform,” said Masayuki Higuchi, president and CEO of FUJIFILM SonoSite, Inc. “Through iViz, we expand our core mission of increasing access to ultrasound to improve patient care quality and reduce healthcare costs.”

Based on Android OS, the iViz platform will include web-browsing, email and ECG capability.iViz is the first medical visualization solution that is enabled for bi-directional EMR connectivity through the Synapse VNA. Using this option, the system accepts patient demographics from the EMR, thus eliminating manual entry and saving valuable time. Also, the system works the other way round as well, allowing clinicians to send patient reports to the EMR with just a few taps.

Based on Android OS, the iViz platform will include web-browsing, email and ECG capability. The device itself features a high-resolution, seven-inch display touchscreen, a wide dynamic range, and vibrant color flow images, as well as imaging modes and exams to meet the clinical needs of different medical providers.

A similar product, Philips Lumify, also got the FDA clearance and is now available in the U.S.