Smart fertility thermometer Femometer launches on Indiegogo


Femometer is another smart fertility thermometer, which like many competing products, is relying on crowdfunding to get it off the ground. Zhejiang, China-based Bongmi is the company behind the device, and it’s looking to raise $35,000 on Indiegogo, offering its smart thermometer for the early bird price of $29 (plus shipping).

Developed in cooperation with OMRON, Femometer tracks a woman’s cycle based on basal temperature readings and predicts ovulation to help couples conceive. The companion app displays the data collected with color-coded charts, indicating where the users is in her cycle; this data can also be shared with a partner or doctor, without leaving the app.

Femometer is looking to raise $35,000 on Indiegogo, offering its smart thermometer for the early bird price of $29.After 30 days of consistent use (1 cycle of data), Femometer’s app will learn about user’s body patterns, providing reminders to take the temperature readings. The machine learning algorithm will even predict the temperature based on previous readings, and will be able to detect and adjust for even the smallest fluctuations in the fertility cycle.

“Femometer decodes what your body is doing at any time during your cycle so you are educated about the best time to try to conceive,” said Adam Lou, co-founder & CEO, Bongmi. “For women that aren’t looking to get pregnant, Femometer helps them understand their reproductive health so they can make more informed choices and decisions. Our goal is to empower every woman at every stage of her lifecycle with the knowledge and data she needs to live a healthier, happier life.”

More than 300 women have tested and used Femometer in clinical trials in three maternity hospitals in China: Huzhou Maternity and Child Care Hospital, Hunan Provincial Maternity and Child Care Hospital, and Zhongshan Maternity and Child Care Hospital. The device is small, sleek, lightweight and discreet — making it easy for women to use whenever and wherever.

Femometer is available in few color options, including purple, pink, white, light blue and — for a limited time — rose gold.