Wearable smart thermometer Check-my-Temp raising funds at Indiegogo


San Diego-based BitCot is looking for some early pre-orders for its wearable smart thermometer, Check-my-Temp, through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

Designed for monitoring fevers in patients both young and elderly, the device allows caregivers to make critical medical decisions from wherever they are. Check-my-Temp is touted as the world’s most advanced thermometer that uses patent-pending multi-sensor technology to provide continuous and accurate monitoring of body temperature, position or more.

Through the BitCot app, Check-my-Temp users can share data with smartphones or other devices.“Personally, as a husband, father and businessman, health is always a primary creative, personal, technical trigger to top technical strategic innovation: It’s our very personal mission, regardless of where in the world the concept originates,” said founder and CEO of BitCot, Raj Sanghvi.

BitCot worked with the team at Jeeva Healthcare in developing iOS, Android and web apps to interface with the temperature device via Bluetooth LE and built all the cloud integrations with the apps.

Through the BitCot app, Check-my-Temp users can share data with smartphones or other devices. Said app shows real-time information in three different formats: temperature dial, graph or data log. When the temperature shoots upwards or falls below the safe threshold, detection is immediate and the caregiver is able to immediately go into action by sending pertinent information via email to the doctor(s) or other integral health partners.

“We are especially excited about this wearable app becoming an integral part, not only of professional medical caregivers, but parents as well. It will save lives,” Sanghvi said.

Check-my-Temp is looking to raise $30,0000 on Indiegogo where a single unit could be had for just $35 (early bird).