AT&T announces Foundry For Connected Health, YOFiMeter connected glucometer

AT&T Foundry for Connected Health

AT&T had two digital health related news to announce at CES, including the opening of the AT&T Foundry for Connected Health and the upcoming availability of connected glucometer called YOFiMeter.

AT&T Foundry for Connected Health

The AT&T Foundry for Connected Health will open in February 2016 at the Texas Medical Center (TMC) Innovation Institute in Houston, with focus on healthcare innovations connecting caregivers and patients.

Beyond AT&T, TMC’s Innovation Institute also houses several medical innovation programs including the fellowship program called TMCx accelerator, and a workspace for health startups and innovation incubators. In other words, this is the space where innovation happens and AT&T wants its piece of the action.

“The goal of the AT&T Foundry is to bring ideas from concept to commercialization faster than previously possible, and nowhere is that mission more important than in healthcare,” Igal Elbaz, Vice President of Ecosystem & Innovation at AT&T, said in a statement. “Our network capabilities and expertise in the Internet of Things make the AT&T Foundry the ideal place to accelerate innovation in healthcare.”

AT&T’s Foundry has brought healthcare collaborators into its innovation centers before, resulting in solutions such as Permobil’s Connected Wheelchair proof of concept and AT&T Remote Patient Monitoring, a cloud-based service that allows caregivers to monitor patients’ health after they’ve been discharged from the hospital.


YOFiMeterAT&T and YOFiMeter have reached an agreement that will enable people with diabetes to wirelessly transmit their blood sugar levels, other biometric data and voice notes.

Once cleared by the FDA, the easy-to-use YOFiMeter Connected Glucose Meter will enable people with diabetes to wirelessly transmit their blood sugar levels, other biometric data and voice notes to their caregivers.

“For those managing diabetes, it’s important to stay proactive. Using our network, AT&T is helping caregivers and providers deliver a seamless experience that gives patients the information they need to take control of their health,” Chris Penrose, senior vice president of AT&T Internet of Things, said in a statement. “YOFiMeter’s connected glucose meter is a great example of how technology, particularly when it can be taken with you and stay connected, is solving real healthcare problems.”

YOFiMeter is ready to be used within seconds, with the ability to test on the go. The company is working with the FDA on the clearance process with production expected to start in early 2016.