LifeWatch gets CE mark for its Mobile Cardiac Telemetry Patch, makes deal with AliveCor

LifeWatch patch

In just a few days, provider of medical solutions and remote diagnostic monitoring services, LifeWatch had two news to announce.

First the company said it has received CE Marking of Conformity for the LifeWatch Mobile Cardiac Telemetry patch, a 1-lead ECG system. Said patch can watch every heartbeat for adverse cardiac events and transmit findings, in near real-time, to a clinical service center for immediate follow-up. The patch technology itself is easy to use, discrete, comfortable and lightweight alternative to traditional recording and transmitting devices.

“This clearance represents a significant technological milestone for LifeWatch and strengthens our position as an innovational leader in digital health,” Dr. Stephan Rietiker, CEO of LifeWatch, said in a statement. “Furthermore, it allows us to commence our cardiac monitoring service in Turkey with a patch product offering.”

In the other news, LifeWatch made a deal with AliveCor to integrate the AliveCor Mobile ECG into its cardiac monitoring product offering.

“The AliveCor Mobile ECG will enable LifeWatch to broaden its cardiac event monitoring services, whilst at the same time opening the door to post-event cardiac monitoring via a patient’s own mobile device,” Dr. Rietiker commented. “This will provide the patient with greater control and convenience. At the same time, physicians will benefit from a broader range of attractive, diagnostic options. AliveCor’s technology offering complements that of LifeWatch, and emphasizes our commitment to using the most innovative technologies available.”

The AliveCor Mobile ECG records ECGs and heart rate anywhere and at any time. The customer simply rests the fingers on the device or places the device to the chest to record an ECG in just 30 seconds.