FDA clears LifeWatch’s continuous Vital Signs Monitoring Service

The company's wireless, patch-based system makes vital signs monitoring faster, easier and more convenient for both patients and medical staff.
LifeWatch HeartPatch

LifeWatch’s MCT 1-Lead Patch clears the FDA

The company also announced that it will suspend its current home sleep testing services while it explores new innovations and options...
LifeWatch patch

LifeWatch gets CE mark for its Mobile Cardiac Telemetry Patch, makes deal with AliveCor

The patch can watch every heartbeat for adverse cardiac events and transmit findings, in near real-time, to a clinical service center for immediate follow-up.

FDA clears LifeWatch’s ACT software on Android

This clearance is part of the company's plan to introduce a universal gateway, which will also run on Android and is currently under development.
LifeWatch's Vital Signs Patch gets FDA 510(k) clearance

LifeWatch’s Vital Signs Patch gets FDA 510(k) clearance

Once the device is activated and connected with the supporting system, it provides automation and alerts of key vital signs via continuous wireless monitoring.
HealthPatch MD

Vital Connect, LifeWatch team-up to improve remote cardiac monitoring

LifeWatch will use Vital Connect's HealthPatch MD device as part of its cardiac telemetry service for continuous monitoring for a range of arrhythmias.