Sharecare’s AskMD app to come preloaded on Cricket’s ZTE Grand X3 phone

AskMD app

In a move that would make digital health more accessible to the general public, Sharecare has scored a deal with U.S. carrier Cricket Wireless to preload its AskMD app on the newly added (to the carrier’s portfolio) Android-powered ZTE Grand X3 smartphone.

Said application allows users to quickly find out what’s possibly causing their health symptoms so they could have better doctor’s visits. It shows what user’s vitals such as height, weight, cholesterol, blood pressure and other conditions mean to their overall health. Plus, there’s the option to upload photos and videos to keep for their records or share with a physician.

“Having AskMD — quite literally — at the fingertips of every Cricket customer who buys a ZTE Grand X 3 is an important step toward empowering people in this era of consumer-driven healthcare,” Toni Pashley, vice president of Product of Sharecare, said in a statement.

AskMD can be used to catalog health information one might need on a daily basis, such as medications, insurance information, and contact details for all doctors and specialists; care for the entire family; find a physician or specialist qualified to treat symptoms or condition by area map or list; and easily organize information about symptoms. Aside from Android, the application is also available for iPhone and Apple Watch on the App Store, and can be accessed via the web.

At CES, Sharecare has also announced a deal with BlackBerry to enable secure communication between patients and their caregivers.